1: Can I use Osaka Amazing Pass to board the cruise?
A: Yes, one ride on one route is included in Osaka Amazing Pass. There are no restrictions for what routes or what time Osaka Amazing Pass can be used.

2: Can I ride any route with the Osaka Amazing Pass?
A: Yes, you can ride any route one time with the Osaka Amazing Pass.

3: I do not have my Osaka Amazing Pass number yet. Can I still make a reservation?
A: Yes, just leave that box blank and bring your Osaka Amazing Pass when you board the boat.

4: Do infants and young children need tickets?
A: Children age 12 and up need a regular ticket(¥1,800 A-C and C-A routes, ¥1,000 A-A route) or an Osaka Amazing Pass. Children age 6-11 ride for half price. Children age 0-5 ride free of charge.

5: Do infants or young children count as passengers?
A: Yes, even if your infant or young child does not need a ticket, they need to be counted as passengers for safety reasons. For example, if you are 2 adults with one infant baby, we will count you as 3 passengers but tickets are only needed for the 2 adults.

6: Do I need a reservation to board the cruise?
A: A reservation is strongly recommended but not necessary. Reservations have priority when boarding. If there are seats available customers without reservations are welcome to board the cruise.

7: What do you mean by 1 ride?
A: One ride means from one boarding point to the next on the A-C and C-A routes, and on the A-A route from one boarding point and back to the same boarding point.

8: How long is 1 ride?
A: It depends on the route. Short routes like A–A are about 20 minutes, long rides like A-C and C-A are about 30-35 minutes.

9: Can I reserve a specific seat on the boat?
A: No. The seat selection is first come, first served for both reservations and non-reservations.

10: I made a reservation but did not get a confirmation email. What should I do?
A: Check your email spam folder first. The reservation emails are sent from the email address [email protected]  Make sure you can receive emails from that address. If you still can not find the confirmation email, send us a message through the contact form below on this page and let us know the name, date, time and email address for the reservation. If your reservation is the same day, it may be faster to give us a call at 06-6147-7097.

11: I am traveling to Osaka a few months from now. Do you have a schedule for that time?
A: The schedules and routes change slightly with seasons and we update the availability as soon as we can. If you can not find the available dates on our site, please check back soon again.

12: Can I bring a baby stroller or wheelchair on the cruise?
A: There is limited space on the boat, but if there is space available, you are can bring a single size collapsible baby stroller or wheelchair. Please note that there is sometimes a difference in level from the ship to the dock and it can be difficult to get on and off. The staff has the right to refuse boarding if they consider it unsafe.

13: Can I bring a suitcase on the boat?
A: There is limited space on the boat, and we ask passengers to please only bring one handbag or backpack. The staff has the right to refuse boarding to passengers that have too large or heavy luggage.